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Paget Brewster Fans


A community dedicated to the romantic relationship between Spencer Reid and Emily Prentiss from the TV show "Criminal Minds".

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2nd-Aug-2010 08:29 pm - Info & Rules
Welcome to pagetb_fans, a community for fans of the lovely and talented Paget Brewster! This community will consist of news, daily photos, fan art (icons, wallpapers, banners and the like.), discussion posts, etc.

A few rules...

- You must join the community in order to see future posts. Feel free to introduce yourself here!

- Please be respectful of Paget, your fellow community members and the mods. Bashing and personal attacks are not cool! Agree to disagree when necessary, or contact a mod.

- Use a LJ cut tag for spoilers.

- When posting news, etc., be sure to check the community first to make sure it hasn't already been posted by someone else. Remember to tag your community posts! The tag list can be found here and will be updated as we go.

- Do not disable comments on your community posts, or mark them as "friends only" or "private".

- When posting images, please make sure not to direct link from other sites. We also ask that you put any image larger than 500x500 pixels under a cut.

- Do not post with with ALL CAPS or wRiTe LiKe ThIs!!!!!1111. Doing so will either give people headaches or cause you to never be taken seriously. In most cases, both.

- Be sure to link to your source when posting news, and please post only relevant news from reliable sources.

- Anything deemed to be spam, inappropriate or offensive (posts, comments, images, etc.) by the mods will be removed.

- Have fun!
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